Reblog: Garden of Gratitude

It’s so easy to get caught up in focusing on the negative, or all the things “wrong” around us. This blog post illustrates how valuable it is to get caught up in the good around us, instead.


Garden of Gratitude

by Patrick Collins

…He told me that on his morning trip next door four days after he began ‘deadheading”, as he gazed at the pots he noticed how brilliant and colorful the geraniums were. He suddenly realized that he had spent the first part of the week focusing on the dead flowers, looking intently for the “dead and gone” and what he could “bury”.   He realized that he had overlooked the beauty of the entire garden, and each individual plant by looking for death instead of life. He became incredibly GRATEFUL for life and being. Read more


This past week I was working on being more independent. No one wants to feel like they are dependent on anything. We all want to feel liberated, confident and free!

True independence actually comes from our total dependence on God, divine Love. Divine Love, God, is the source of all happiness, health, supply, purpose, vibrancy, companionship, order, creativity, etc.  And these come into our experience when we lean on Him/Her, when we go right to the Source.

If I want to feel happiness, I know that God, divine Love, is supplying me with infinite happiness this moment. God is providing me the opportunities to express this happiness and share it with others. Happiness is a quality of God so it is inherent in us! We were made to be happy 🙂

If I want to feel more health, activity or strength, I know that God is the source of all energy and is giving me boundless strength right now! God did not create or send sickness to any of us. It is our divine right to dispute  sickness at all times! And our thoughts (the ones that come from God) protect us. Good thoughts are the best immune system you have!

If we want to feel more fulfillment in our lives, we can rejoice that we are the satisfied ideas of God, divine Love. God saw all that She made and it was very good! That sounds pretty satisfied to me.
Be watchful of any unconscious pull towards materialism or thinking that matter can make us happy. Rejoice in the simplicity, beauty and childlikeness around you right now! Sometimes when I look around my house and feel that I want “more” I remember that a baby, child or pet doesn’t care what you have. They feel and value the love, joy and comfort that is around them. We can be that child, too, and feel so satisfied with the positive, abundant qualities that are with us all the time.

Go for a walk; look for something “new” that you’ve never noticed before. I did that on a walk home with my dogs when I was feeling kind of bored with our route. Every few steps I strived to notice something new that I hadn’t consciously appreciated before. And now I see light, joy and comfort expressed all around me on this route. You may even want to stop and explore a new area that looks appealing. It’s important to keep exploring new things – expand & grow. Don’t contract or confine your viewpoint and experience. Grow! 🙂

So as we think about Independence Day, here in America, we can rejoice in knowing our complete freedom, our independence, comes from all the good that God, divine Love, is supplying us each moment. And we can be so grateful that the Truth does indeed make us free!



Thoughts on gratitude

I really appreciate the blog series my husband is doing right now. It is inspired by a book that we are both reading for our book club: 365 Thank Yous. It’s a wonderful story about a man/dad who is down in the dumps; his business is falling apart; his relationships with his family & friends aren’t great. One day he gets the idea (I would call this a spiritual idea, “angel” message or the Christ) which tells him to write thank you notes! It’s New Years Eve when he gets this message so he vows to write 365 thank you notes in the New Year. The rest of the book (which I haven’t finished yet) is about how this practice transforms his thought, life and relationships.

It is a delightful book. I get such a sense of joy when reading it, and it reminds me how the simple act of gratitude can really brighten my day. I may even start a “thank you” note project of my own! (My husband is doing his thank you note project on his blog.)

What is it about gratitude that makes us feel so light and joyful? It reminds us of the good in our lives and puts Good at the forefront of thought. The human mind is so prone to magnify evil or the negative. Often this mind ruminates over the past. It’s like a treadmill of worry and fear. Apparently, humans think 2,000-3,000 thoughts per day. And I’ve heard that 70% of these thoughts are the same each day. We have to jump off this same old treadmill of thought and think differently! And gratitude is a fun, light way to do that.