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Looking for better health?

Health is a characteristic of every aspect of being: healthy relationships, healthy home, healthy business, etc. Health is not so much about what you eat, drink and how you exercise — these are all expressions of your health. Health is your God-given state of being and consciousness. “The true consciousness is the true health.” (Miscellaneous… Continue reading Looking for better health?

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Reblog: Bright light from senior workers

Bright light from senior workers By Barbara Vining (Reblogged from It’s encouraging to know that age is not a barrier to progress. I learned that lesson early from a neighbor – a childhood friend’s father, Mr. Fierke. We were still in high school when he reached the mandatory retirement age of 65 at General… Continue reading Reblog: Bright light from senior workers

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This past week I was working on being more independent. No one wants to feel like they are dependent on anything. We all want to feel liberated, confident and free! True independence actually comes from our total dependence on God, divine Love. Divine Love, God, is the source of all happiness, health, supply, purpose, vibrancy,… Continue reading Independence

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The first and the last

  Sometimes problems we are faced with seem so big: unemployment, disease, and relationship issues; Or the problems in the world: violence in Syria, Iranian nuclear power agreements, political focus more on problems than on solutions. However, we can always pray in these situations and prayer has wonderful benefits and results. “Prayer cannot change the… Continue reading The first and the last