The first and the last


Sometimes problems we are faced with seem so big: unemployment, disease, and relationship issues; Or the problems in the world: violence in Syria, Iranian nuclear power agreements, political focus more on problems than on solutions.

However, we can always pray in these situations and prayer has wonderful benefits and results.

“Prayer cannot change the Science of being, but it tends to bring us into harmony with it.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Eddy, p. 2)

So let’s talk about that prayer…

In first chapter of Genesis, the picture is painted of spiritual perfection, harmony, peace, and love. God created us spiritually in His/Her image and likeness. There is no sickness, no sin and no death. This is the original creation – the true, spiritual view of creation.

So whatever trouble we are facing: difficulties with a spouse or friend, a bodily dysfunction or a lack of supply to pay our bills, we can find comfort in knowing that it doesn’t belong to the original. God never created it nor included it in His creation.

In the book of Revelation, God says that He is Alpha and Omega – the first and the last – 4 different times. Here are two examples:

“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” Rev 1:8

“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.” Rev 21:6

So not only did God create perfection, harmony, spiritual reality; He didn’t create whatever problem it is you are going through today. And since God is the first and the last – whatever circumstance we seem to be in has no lasting power or influence.

If it’s not in the beginning and not in the end, what is there to sustain it? Nothing. You can be totally and completely free right now.


Reaching goals & living in the now



The past few days I’ve been thinking about goals.


A spiritual leader, Mary Baker Eddy, speaks of her experience this way:


“The discoverer of Christian Science finds the path less difficult when she has the high goal always before her thoughts, than when she counts her footsteps in endeavoring to reach it. When the destination is desirable, expectation speeds our progress.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, P. 426)


I’ve had trouble balancing this statement because to me focusing on reaching a goal doesn’t seem like living in the now.


But I just realized the two actually go hand in hand.


Living in the now is actually an appreciation and awareness of infinite good, Love, joy, and health that is here, right now.  It is a knowing that God is as full as He can be, and man and woman are made in His/Her image and likeness – totally spiritual, harmonious and free.


This fact is not going to be more true once we reach a certain goal.  We can relish the fact that we don’t have to wait for spiritual perfection.


For me, the high goal means the absolute spiritualization of all thought and life; infinite Spirit, Mind, Love understood and expressed; and man/woman seen as It’s image and likeness, totally eternal and spiritual.


Ultimately our goals are a sign and symbol of this – of our spiritual rights, heritage and freedom, and our oneness with the Source of goodness being seen and expressed.


Goals may keep us going on the forward path, the path of progress.   However, we can rejoice that reaching our goal only means seeing more clearly what has always been true about us and the universe.


So we can also celebrate, today, that the Truth is already true; that God is here and now, and we are His spiritual, perfect, eternal creation.  There will never be more supply, beauty, health, harmony, love, or freedom present than is present right now, spiritually.  We can rejoice in this and have the expectation that we will meet our goals and see this spiritual fact more clearly each day.


God is real!

God is real.  This is a powerful and bold statement.  I thought I had faith and an understanding of God before, but this is profound.  When I realize that God is real, God is alive and well and here and now and God is governing and controlling all ideas – that is huge!  The meaning and implication of this is phenomenal.  That means that God is speaking to us always.  God is loving us because God is love and we are God’s beloved creation.  Therefore how can anything bad happen to us or be part of our experience?  It can’t!  And when we challenge that statement we will see the effects of it in our lives.

I realized today that we are never healing anything.  Our thought is becoming spiritualized so that we see and know that God’s spiritual creation is all that has ever existed and will ever exist.  It has never been interrupted or changed.  All is constant and consistent harmonious good.  And how can it be otherwise since God is actually real?

I think before I was thinking that God was more of a theory instead of an actual living presence which thinks and sees and knows all.

So why do I worry?  Of course God knows that I need x amount of dollars to pay rent. Of course God knows that I need to go there or get here.  It is God who is sending me and guiding me to these places so that I can be a blessing to others and be blessed (see and know good!).  I am always where God wants me and needs me, so I can expect that each event or activity is already full or spirit, life, vitality, harmony and healing (spiritualization & movement of thought).

God is good and since God created man in his own image and likeness, good is all that man can be.   Good is all that our neighbor can be or our community.  What about terrorists, extremists and other people doing evil around the world?

Well these are good people who just aren’t listening to God.   They are sort of blinded and mesmerized by hate and fear.  There is nothing wrong with them. They just need to be awakened to the sense that everything is ok.  God has created everything perfectly.  God is loving them and caring for themjust as He is to all of us.  They don’t need to feel it’s their responsibility to govern and take care of the universe.  It’s not their responsibility to determine who or what is right or wrong.  God is doing that.  God is revealing and sustaining all things.  The pressure is not up to us.  God sustains and maintains his creation.  Therefore we aren’t going to end up in some devastation and we don’t need to be afraid.

I saw a wonderful healing when a patient was healed of a cold after I realized that God sustains and maintains his creation – business, supply and family are all sustained and upheld by Love, God.

Therefore we don’t need to worry or fear that we are plummeting in desperation.  The first and the last and is God’s spiritual perfect creation.  And God is real and true and is helping us to realize and see that is all there is right now.  There never has been a moment of parting or separation from God.