Fave blog posts this week…


Here are blog posts I’ve enjoyed this week. Hope you will enjoy them, too!

Hey! That’s not mine!

But how many times in your day does something try to come up and quietly attach itself to you?  Perhaps a suggestion to be frustrated with someone.  Or maybe you’ve been seeing the thousands of signs up at grocery stores about vaccinations, and started to feel a little fearful of some disease.  Or what about the popular one these days, of blaming the government or some political party or person for all that is wrong in our lives… Read more

Today’s Forecast

But while many people believe this is a prediction of the ‘end of the world,’ the Mayan descendants do not. It is simply the end of a 52-year cycle – and should be seen as an end to an age, not the world! “Predicting danger does not dignify life, whereas forecasting liberty and joy does; for these are strong promoters of health and happiness.”… Read more

Detox from the Botox Mentality

Becoming more joyful, vibrant, kind, humble and unselfish – instead of critical, ungrateful, unkind, lazy or apathetic – became the focus of her self-image “rather than the physical attributes”. A few years later the same agency director saw my friend – now a broadcaster – without remembering their earlier encounter. This time her former tormentor was profuse with positive comments on her look and presence… Read more

Love, relationships, and being you


Relationships seem pretty complicated sometimes.  How do you meet the right person?  What makes a relationship last when some don’t?


I just listened to this great podcast (the one I mentioned the other day), and I’m so impressed with the wide range of questions it answers.


Some of the issues it addresses are:


How do you find Mr/Miss Right?


How can you stay focused during the excitement of a new relationship, so that you don’t go from bliss to bad traits when the newness wears off?


How do you know if you should marry this person?


How can you stop physical attraction from impairing the higher qualities you want to see expressed in this person?




There was great inspiration shared.  And it certainly answered a lot of questions that I have experienced or have heard before.


I received some of the best relationship advice I’ve ever heard in a time of great need.  It was short and sweet: “Just be you, you’re great.”


What did this advice mean to me?  Well I was having a hard time hearing/knowing what God was saying.  Is this relationship going to continue, etc?


When I got this advice, I realized I felt like I had to change to be in this relationship.  And, even worse, that maybe God wanted me to change.  But when I received this rich inspiration, I immediately saw that who I am is ok, and is in fact great (it’s who God made me to be), and that I should stick to being myself and trust in that.


Well it was clear to me that the relationship couldn’t continue and I felt peaceful and happy about breaking it off.


This guidance has stuck with me to this day and I still think of it when I’m in a meeting, giving a presentation or in various relationships.


And when I did meet my husband, I felt absolutely comfortable around him; I felt like myself, could be myself, and realized he enriches who I am.  This is something I have loved and appreciated.


So, I hope you enjoy this great podcast, stay true to yourself in your relationships, and that the ideas in this blog and podcast bless you in many ways.