“Disease, she affirmed, is mental, cultivated in the patient’s own thought. Therefore, to have a lasting cure involves changing thought to a different basis…For Eddy, the basis for all healing was spiritual, not material. She proved that prayer-based treatment begins by aligning the patient’s thinking about themselves in a wholly spiritual way, seeing themselves as the Divine sees them: as spiritual beings who think intelligently, choose wisely, function harmoniously – which guides their daily life in practical, positive ways. Typically, this spiritual approach led to changes in behaviors of overeating, addictions, negative and stressful choices. And this prayer-based thinking, this divine Mind-based meditation, led to healing of the physical ailments.”

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Spiritual Care – As Fortifying as the Roar of an Olympic Crowd!



Head to Stratford for London 2012 and you’ll find one thing that’s almost as noisy as the home crowd egging on the Team GB athletes.

It is the impassioned voices of men and women who fervently believe that their Christian calling impels them to stand on a street corner informing passersby that they are sinners.

However, this megaphone approach to religion is the exception rather than the rule. The vast majority of people of faith involved in the London Olympics are expressing their love through being on hand to help… Read more