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Spiritual Care – As Fortifying as the Roar of an Olympic Crowd!



Head to Stratford for London 2012 and you’ll find one thing that’s almost as noisy as the home crowd egging on the Team GB athletes.

It is the impassioned voices of men and women who fervently believe that their Christian calling impels them to stand on a street corner informing passersby that they are sinners.

However, this megaphone approach to religion is the exception rather than the rule. The vast majority of people of faith involved in the London Olympics are expressing their love through being on hand to help… Read more

Spiritual reasoning helps in overcoming challenges

When you’re faced with a problem that seems too big and real, it’s helpful to do some spiritual reasoning.

I like to start with God, divine Love.  Things get much clearer when you start with the one Ego or Creator.

I think of God as Love, ever-present and eternal, which is always with me.  God is speaking to us and has the ability to communicate with us in just the right way.  He/She is able to make Herself heard.

God is infinite, limitless so we can lift ourselves up out of the perception of materiality and finiteness, into the realm of permanent, changeless Good.

God is Spirit and Her substance can never be defiled.  God, Spirit, is our substance so there can’t be anything missing or lacking.

When we get a glimpse of who and what God is then we can get a sense of who we are.  God’s offspring is pure, light, holy, with infinite ability and capability.  This offspring is spiritual and in the image and likeness of it’s Creator.  So there isn’t any blemish, lack or loss.  God’s creation is complete, harmonious, always good and beautiful.

There are lots of theories and speculation out there that try to present otherwise.  They say our birthright isn’t perfect and joy and health aren’t natural.  It says we pray to God because we are separate from Him, and prayer isn’t always effective.

All of these subtle suggestions are what is termed the carnal mind and what is illustrated by a serpent in the Bible.  We hear the account of Jesus himself confronted with the carnal mind in Matthew 4.  Jesus overcame material suggestions and claims, similar to the same ones we hear today i.e. matter is our life, God isn’t all-powerful, and money is power.

He conquered these by knowing and understanding His relationship with His Father.  The Word of God, Spirit, gives us life and energy to do and to accomplish all we need; God is ever-present, always loving and protecting us (we don’t need to “test” God but we can apply and demonstrate this fact when faced with a challenge); the carnal mind cannot give us anything.  All fulfillment, opportunity, joy, supply, and talent come from God and are spiritual.

So today, if you’re faced with a challenge try to spiritual reason in this way, the same way that Jesus conquered and overcame the challenges he was faced with through trust in his ever-present Father-Mother God.