Who is man?

I love this week’s Bible Lesson on the subject of Man.  These weekly Lesson’s offer such a great structure for learning and growing spiritually on a daily and weekly basis.

This week’s Lesson is all about how man is the blest and loved child of God.  It includes the first chapter of Genesis on how God created man in His (or Her) own image and likeness – in the image and likeness of Spirit.  Therefore, man (including all mankind) is spiritual and perfect right now.

We are healed by simply realizing this fact.  When we feel tempted to stress, feel afraid or burdened, or look down on ourselves or others, we can dismiss that thought or fear and know what is really true about ourselves.  We are the blessed and loved child of God.  God created us spiritual and perfect.  We are the embodiment of intelligence, poise, grace, confidence, joy and we have infinite abilities and talents which come from God.

So why think any other thoughts about ourselves or others?  We don’t have too.  We can stick to the Scientific facts about God and His perfect, good creation.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote in her inspiring book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, to “stand porter at the door of thought”.  This falls under the marginal heading entitled “Guarding the door” (p. 392).  Guarding the door of our thought is such a simple and effective way to only let God’s thoughts into our consciousness, and thereby let our experience be governed by divine Mind.  The result is harmonious, healthy bodies, good, unselfish relationships, and fulfilling work and supply.

She writes, “The conceptions of mortal, erring thought must give way to the ideal of all that is perfect and eternal. Through many generations human beliefs will be attaining diviner conceptions, and the immortal and perfect model of God’s creation will finally be seen as the only true conception of being.” (p. 260)

So we can start right now by only accepting the good, true and perfect model.  God’s creation is spiritual, universal, and complete, and He made all that was made – entirely good.  This Truth blesses and uplifts everyone.  We are all God’s beloved, cared for children.

True Man

Who are what is man and what is man’s purpose?

Well, man is the son and daughter of God.  God created man to express Himself, to glorify Himself.  To do so, God created man in His image and likeness (Gen. 26:1).  Therefore, man has the mind of God (Phil. 2:5), the motive of God, the will of God leading, guiding and directing him.  Man can’t have an action or activity separate from God.  Man is lead and governed by good alone, since God is good.  Man is impelled by Spirit which is above and beyond the earth and, therefore, limitation.

Who or when is this man?  This man is now, right now, the only real and true man.  God created only one man, not two (one to be immortal and one to be destroyed).  No, the immortal, eternal and spiritual man is the only man that there is right now.  And we can live this in our lives and we can see this and express this in others.