A healing I had renews confidence


I’m rejoicing because of a healing I just had.


I was feeling quite down and blue.  I kept hearing thoughts like, what are you doing? Are you really valuable and useful?  Why don’t you have any confidence?


I wrote a list about why I am valuable and useful.  Although I learned more about myself, I still couldn’t quite shake the blues.


I reached out to some folks for answers.  One of those people is my husband.  He boiled it down to one question.  To which the response was “because God is calling you to”.  That’s it.  No human reason, justification, personality or any other such thing.  Simply you are doing what you are doing because God is calling you to.


I went to the Christian Science church service this evening, still not feeling quite right.


I was serving as an usher so I decided I would pray for others and the church service while I waited for people to arrive.


Taking my mind off these challenges, and myself, helped and made me feel a lot lighter.


There were many good ideas shared during the service, and I enjoyed listening to them.  Occasionally an “angel message” would come to my thought “God is calling you to” as a response to my inner longing.  There were wonderful testimonies given (folks stand up and give gratitude for spiritual growth and healings), and by the conclusion of the service I was feeling happy, light and free.  I was able to chat freely with fellow church attendees.


So, in conclusion, the helpful ideas that came to me were these:


  • God is calling me to do what I am doing.
  • Therefore, it is not me doing it, I am just expressing and glorifying God.
  • I have to be good at things I do because I am expressing Him.  I have to be a good cook, good wife, good practitioner, etc because He is good and I am expressing/reflecting Him (not myself).


This gave me a lot more confidence and clarity, and I am going forth rejoicing!!


True Man

Who are what is man and what is man’s purpose?

Well, man is the son and daughter of God.  God created man to express Himself, to glorify Himself.  To do so, God created man in His image and likeness (Gen. 26:1).  Therefore, man has the mind of God (Phil. 2:5), the motive of God, the will of God leading, guiding and directing him.  Man can’t have an action or activity separate from God.  Man is lead and governed by good alone, since God is good.  Man is impelled by Spirit which is above and beyond the earth and, therefore, limitation.

Who or when is this man?  This man is now, right now, the only real and true man.  God created only one man, not two (one to be immortal and one to be destroyed).  No, the immortal, eternal and spiritual man is the only man that there is right now.  And we can live this in our lives and we can see this and express this in others.