Divine love can dissolve past hurt

Family gatherings can be difficult times for many. How do you feel a sense of God’s presence and love during the holidays? God is the Source of each one’s individuality, so we can all know — spiritually discern — that we are each loved equally despite what may have gone on before.family-591579_960_720

Pure humanity, friendship, home, the interchange of love, bring to earth a foretaste of heaven.1

Our identity, feeling worthy and loved doesn’t actually come from other people, although sometimes friends and family can beautifully reflect how worthy, lovely and lovable we all are. These expressions of joy and appreciation are natural and normal and are signs of God, divine Love’s, kingdom on earth.

Your kingdom come.
    Your will be done,
        on earth as it is in heaven.2

Relationships are a good opportunity to dissolve what Mary Baker Eddy calls the “adamant of error”: self-will, self-justification and self-love3 ; the old adage “my way or the highway” mentality; self-righteousness, which wreaks havoc on all of us; then of course there’s just plain old judgement.

Christ Jesus was the perfect example of living and expressing spiritual love.

After washing their feet, he put on his robe again and sat down and asked, “Do you understand what I was doing? You call me ‘Teacher’ wash-717812_960_720and ‘Lord,’ and you are right, because that’s what I am. And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet. I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you…Now that you know these things, God will bless you for doing them.4

God will bless you for doing them! God will bless you for putting off old resentments. God will bless you for being humble enough to be made new — in the likeness of God!

You deserve to express divine Love — not hold on to the past or limited views of others (that God is not knowing about them). Self-hatred is what makes us feel we are not worthy or loved enough to let go of hatred towards others! We are worth it! Let it go.

Spiritual living and blessedness are the only evidences, by which we can recognize true existence and feel the unspeakable peace which comes from an all-absorbing spiritual love. 5

Feel that unspeakable peace. It is God’s spiritual love wrapping you up and enabling you to move past hurt, condemnation, resentment. You are holy! You are free. You can feel that way by seeing others that way.


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Resentment is subtle. It’s not full-blown anger or hatred. We can still communicate with someone, even live with someone, while feeling resentful. Resentment feels like a tarnished penny that you find on the ground. It still has value and functions but it is tainted by the world.

We can uproot resentment in our thinking! And then we can feel like a shiny penny with joy, love, compassion and vitality.

Here’s one way I did this:

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling resentful. I felt like I was being put upon by someone else and that weren’t being compassionate and considerate of my feelings and the things that I needed. This resentment was a sort of “poor me” attitude and a self-justification on why I had the “right” to feel this way. And everything I did came with a burden – tasks that had been completed suddenly came unraveled, annoyance and discontent were manifesting throughout my household, and my thoughts and outlook on life had gotten bitter.

This went on for a couple of days until I knew that I had to pray about it. Feelings such as these do not come from God and so they are lies, something that we don’t need to be deceived by; and we can conquer the deception of these lies through prayer.

As I prayed, I saw that God really is the one Mind; and this Mind (a synonym for God in Christian Science) is governing and controlling every aspect of our being with perfect intelligence. There isn’t my will, a my family member’s will or a co-worker or church member’s will. There is only God’s will. Everything is governed and controlled by God with divine intelligence, fairness, compassion, mercy and love. And God’s guidance blesses everyone!

I had to be willing to see the good in this situation – all the ways that I was blessed because of it including ways that I was growing and things I was learning. I knew that I couldn’t be left out of what God was doing. If God was blessing others, then I was being blessed, too.

“What is it that harms you? Can height, or depth, or any other creature separate you from the Love that is omnipresent good, — that blesses infinitely one and all?” (Mary Baker Eddy’s Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896)

With this realization, all resentment melted away. This time in my life became extremely valuable. My household became smooth and harmonious again; tasks were completed in a timely way, and I felt the joy and promise of good again. I learned a lot; I grew in compassion; I feel more at peace; and I know that I am and everyone else is always included in God’s love and blessings.


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