Repost: In Jesus’ footsteps

I can’t resist reposting this blog post by my husband that appeared on today.

I love these opportunities we each have to step out of our comfort zone and really delve deeper. Truly inspiring growth always comes from such opportunities!

In Jesus’ footsteps

by John Biggs

While power washing my back porch the other day, I accidentally aimed the nozzle too aggressively at the deck. The dull gray color suddenly vanished, replaced by a vibrant red cedar tone. At first, I was upset with myself for scarring the deck. Then I realized that this was the actual deck. I was very pleased with the color and cleanliness, but I hesitated to pursue the in-depth cleaning because halfway was probably good enough, and company was expected soon.

Isn’t this story symbolically familiar? The comfort zone threatened. Something that disturbs the norm. The aha moment telling you that what lies beneath the surface is so much better. Then hesitancy about reaching for that depth and substance. Right here is where so much of life is decided. Do we stay comfortable or dive deeper? The good … or the best?

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Getting Beyond Ourselves


It is very helpful to pray for ourselves.  And it is also helpful to realize that every negative thing going on in your experience is actually just a negative suggestion about the spiritual truth of God, man, and woman.


Lately I’ve been thinking that some bad school memories probably have some residual effect on me right now.  But actually when I zip back and rewind, I see all there ever has been and is — is God’s perfect child.  I have never been vulnerable or lacking stability or confidence.  There has never been a moment when I haven’t had all that I need because God is always fulfilling my needs.


Has God ever not been present?  (This is a rhetorical question…)  Therefore all the spiritual qualities which He/She include, such as poise, grace, love, confidence, wisdom, and inspiration, have always been present.  God is and has been expressing these qualities in me, His reflection, all the time.


Has there ever been a child different than the child of God?  No.  This means that a school-bully is simply an illusion or suggestion.  No child has ever been separated from God’s love.  No Beloved child is insecure or aggressive.  Each one is wrapped up in God’s love and we can simply remove the mask, in thought, of an unloved, unwanted school-bully.


When these instances come to thought, it’s an opportunity when I can pray for each child and parent, and know the only influence that can go on is good, loving, and pure, the influence of Divinity.


I confront other issues in this same way.  When something comes to thought such as personal comparison, jealousy or envy, fear about supply – is this something I’m really dealing with?  No.  This is just the impersonal opposite of God, good.  With a realization that man and woman are created equally — beautiful, balanced, intelligent and complete — I can see (again, in thought) that there can’t be any competition or limited resources; there is only gentleness, kindness, brotherhood and sisterhood between men and women.


This sure makes me feel better!  And when I “see” — with my spiritual consciousness — the view is alot clearer and my experience, and the experience of those around me, improves.


Jesus’ teachings are so spiritual, practical and tender, full of grace and compassion.  If you haven’t checked them out recently I highly recommend a refresher – especially the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-8).  It speaks about seeing from this spiritual viewpoint, and beholding God’s perfect men and women as the only Creation.


Love and Blessings


Forgiveness and Health

This week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson is on the subject of “Everlasting Punishment”.  It talks about how sin punishes the evildoer.  The old theological concept of heaven and hell is giving way to the understanding that heaven and hell are not locations, but are experienced here and now based on how we think and act.

Stanford University was doing a study called The Stanford Forgiveness Project on the effect of forgiveness on health.  The studies show that people who let go of anger and hurt feelings are experiencing better health and longevity.  Isn’t that an example of experiencing heaven here and now?

Anger, resentment, and revenge lead us to poor health, which is one of the reasons Jesus advised against them.  When Peter asked him, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?”  Jesus answered and said, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”  (NIV, Matt 18:22) Why do you think Jesus advises us of this?  Because our health and happiness depend on it, which is our salvation right here and now!   The Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount were given to us for our well-being, so that we could be properly governed by divine Mind, – the source of all health, happiness, and goodness.

Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, wrote in her bestselling book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “A moral question may hinder the recovery of the sick.  Lurking error, lust, envy, revenge, malice, or hate will perpetuate or even create the belief in disease.” (p. 419)

She wisely advises, “Christian Science commands man to master the propensities, — to hold hatred in abeyance with kindness, to conquer lust with chastity, revenge with charity, and to overcome deceit with honesty. Choke these errors in their early stages, if you would not cherish an army of conspirators against health, happiness, and success.” (p. 405)

Dr. Frederic Luskin, of Stanford University, states in regard to his studies, “What is intriguing about this research is that even people who are not depressed or particularly anxious can obtain the improved emotional and psychological functioning that comes from learning to forgive. This suggests that forgiveness may enable people who are functioning adequately to feel even better. While the research is limited, a picture is emerging that forgiveness may be important not just as a religious practice but as a component of a comprehensive vision of health.”  Also, “This study demonstrated that normal college students could become significantly less angry and hurt, feel more hopeful, spiritually content and self-efficacious about managing their emotions and also become more forgiving after a six-hour training session.” (Stanford Medicine, “The Art and Science of Forgiveness”, Vol. 16, No. 4).

I think we are ready, as mankind, to realize that “medicine is Mind” (Miscellaneous Writings, Eddy, p. 268), and to relinquish anything that isn’t good from our disposition, for the betterment of all humanity.  “…Forgiveness may be, as the religious traditions have been claiming all along, a rich path to greater peace and understanding that also has both psychosocial and physiological value.” (“The Art and Science of Forgiveness”, Luskin, 1999)

Mrs. Eddy says, “Here Christian Science is the sovereign panacea, giving strength to the weakness of mortal mind, — strength from the immortal and omnipotent Mind, — and lifting humanity above itself into purer desires, even into spiritual power and good-will to man.” (Science and Health, Eddy, p. 407)

This certainly sounds like our salvation here and now, being governed by divine Mind who is the source of mankind’s health and happiness