Getting Beyond Ourselves


It is very helpful to pray for ourselves.  And it is also helpful to realize that every negative thing going on in your experience is actually just a negative suggestion about the spiritual truth of God, man, and woman.


Lately I’ve been thinking that some bad school memories probably have some residual effect on me right now.  But actually when I zip back and rewind, I see all there ever has been and is — is God’s perfect child.  I have never been vulnerable or lacking stability or confidence.  There has never been a moment when I haven’t had all that I need because God is always fulfilling my needs.


Has God ever not been present?  (This is a rhetorical question…)  Therefore all the spiritual qualities which He/She include, such as poise, grace, love, confidence, wisdom, and inspiration, have always been present.  God is and has been expressing these qualities in me, His reflection, all the time.


Has there ever been a child different than the child of God?  No.  This means that a school-bully is simply an illusion or suggestion.  No child has ever been separated from God’s love.  No Beloved child is insecure or aggressive.  Each one is wrapped up in God’s love and we can simply remove the mask, in thought, of an unloved, unwanted school-bully.


When these instances come to thought, it’s an opportunity when I can pray for each child and parent, and know the only influence that can go on is good, loving, and pure, the influence of Divinity.


I confront other issues in this same way.  When something comes to thought such as personal comparison, jealousy or envy, fear about supply – is this something I’m really dealing with?  No.  This is just the impersonal opposite of God, good.  With a realization that man and woman are created equally — beautiful, balanced, intelligent and complete — I can see (again, in thought) that there can’t be any competition or limited resources; there is only gentleness, kindness, brotherhood and sisterhood between men and women.


This sure makes me feel better!  And when I “see” — with my spiritual consciousness — the view is alot clearer and my experience, and the experience of those around me, improves.


Jesus’ teachings are so spiritual, practical and tender, full of grace and compassion.  If you haven’t checked them out recently I highly recommend a refresher – especially the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-8).  It speaks about seeing from this spiritual viewpoint, and beholding God’s perfect men and women as the only Creation.


Love and Blessings