Reblog: The Inclusiveness of Spirituality

I really enjoyed this one-hour podcast. I hope you will too!

Reblog: The Inclusiveness of Spirituality

by Virginia Harris, CSB

In a wide-ranging interactive live audio chat focused on spirituality for the Christian Science Sentinel on May 21, I had the opportunity to share ideas from my own daily spiritual practice on experiencing just what is practical spirituality – and what it isn’t.

The Apostle Paul wrote frequently about how important it is to live a spiritual life…Read and listen.

Reblog: The simple art of trusting, dog style

The simple art of trusting, dog style

By Pat Collins (Reblogged from

As I worked at my desk this morning, I looked down to see our two small dogs, Lucky and Bo-Bo, lying peacefully in their little beds. Even though it was approaching midday, they seemed to think it was an appropriate time to take yet another nap.

I hated to interrupt their “well-deserved” rest, but I really needed to use the shredder. As I put the papers into the hopper, the shredder came alive with its loud, high-pitched whir as it ate up the paper. I looked at the dogs, still peacefully lying there. I had a sense that they knew they were cared for, regardless of all the noise around them; they knew that I’m the one who cares for them, and I was there. All was well, and I would protect them.

Such trust… Read more