Reblog: We’re not champions because we win. We win because we’re champions.

Great inspirational blog post on sports, fitness and life.

We’re not champions because we win. We win because we’re champions.

by John Biggs, CS

I’ve been training for a Tough Mudder, coming up in a month. I’ll have more blogs about different aspects of this coming soon, but I wanted to share an insight I’ve gained during my training. And, thankfully, what I’ve discovered has had impact far beyond my morning workouts.

What I found is that if I start my training, and go through my mental preparation, trying to find out IF I can do it, I have a pretty tough time. But if I start off my training with the assurance that I CAN do it, and therefore, I am doing this because I can, my training is exponentially more harmonious, invigorating, and effective…Read more

Repost: Inspiration from the Olympics

The Olympics are so inspiring! And this blog post by a Christian Science practitioner and teacher points out so many ways the Olympics have propelled mankind forward to break even more limitations!

Olympic Freedom

by Virginia Harris, CSB

Oh the glorious Olympics! It seems like everyday since the Games began there has been some new ‘first’, some previous limitation or barrier broken through, left behind, gone beyond!

Almost daily there are new world records being established, and each breakthrough lifts all of us by showing the potential to surpass previously believed limits. And once a threshold has been crossed, there is only going forward to cross the next.

But there have been so many other breakthroughs as well…

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Olympic ideals and today’s Christianity

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Olympic ideals win gold

By Mark Sappenfield

The Olympics are coming—a great, big, supersize portion of national pride mixed in with amazing athletes, their even more amazing stories, and a healthy side of corporate sponsorship, all neatly wrapped in a bow nightly by Bob Costas.

We love the Olympics. NBC would not have spent $4.4 billion to broadcast the next four after London if we didn’t. But as London prepares—spending more than $14 billion itself and even considering putting missile launchers atop local roofs for security—the question arises: What are the Olympics, really?

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