Our oneness with the Divine

This morning I was thinking about the difference between being a good human versus feeling one with God.If we are either a bad mortal or a good mortal, we still think, act and feel separate from God.  However, if we strive to feel Gods presence, to pause, be still, wait and listen for divine thoughts and guidance, we can see and feel that we are one with God.

Mary Baker Eddy, a spiritual leader and teacher (1821-1910) asked, “When will the ages understand the Ego, and realize only one God, one Mind or intelligence?” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 204)

She fully accepted and taught that we can be governed by divine Mind here, and do not have to wait until some future time when we can feel this harmony and oneness.

This is the definition of I AM: “God; incorporeal and eternal Mind; divine Principle; the only Ego” (Ibid, p. 588).

There is an eternal Principle governing us – consistently, harmoniously and unchanging.  This divine Principle is within us guiding, governing, and speaking.

When we try to simply be ‘good humans’ we end up suffering.  We tend to think if we have to do enough things and say all the right things and then all these will add up.  Perhaps we even think this will get us into heaven later.  We end up feeling stressed and afraid.  We may even feel we have an effect on another’s salvation or well-being.

But the Truth is that we are at one with God. It is natural for us to hear His voice – so natural that we may not even realize it’s His voice speaking to us (and may think it’s our own!).  But God, divine Love, is communicating with us all the time and is able to make Himself/Herself heard.   God has never left us and is not leaving us now or in the future.

So let’s try dwelling in the consciousness of our oneness with God today! Look forward to hearing your thoughts below. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Our oneness with the Divine

  1. Thanks for the great thoughts, Lindsey! That really is the whole point, isn’t it… Not just to strive to be one with God in all that we do, but to know that we already are and it is just a matter of awakening/lifting our thought to that fact. And to see that all mankind is one with God as well… Which is the root of loving your neighbor as yourself — knowing that you AND your neighbor are one with God.


    1. Thanks for sharing, Kim! I love what you shared. Yes, that’s such a great point you brought out – we can recognize we are already one with God and everyone else is too. That is such a healing thought. It’s great knowing God’s work is already done and He is sustaining and maintaining His creation. We aren’t creators trying to do or be God for Him 🙂
      Thanks for the inspired comment!


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