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Happy New Year

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Last New Year, my family and I made a resolution to reduce our landfill waste. It took being aware of what we were throwing away and finding ways to reduce and creative ways to reuse. After just 3 weeks, we reduced our trash by 70% and we have stuck with it the entire year. Composting and recycling are a big help, and so is being mindful about what we are throwing away and looking for alternatives to plastic. Each family member has participated and developed a greater awareness of our purchasing decisions.

It’s really freeing!

Another New Year is upon us and I’m reminded of an even deeper resolution that we can carry in our hearts. It is conveyed in this quote.

Today my soul can only sing and soar. An increasing sense of God’s love, omnipresence, and omnipotence enfolds me. Each day I know Him nearer, love Him more, and humbly pray to serve Him better. –Mary Baker Eddy

Feeling more of God’s presence and love, expressing God’s qualities when we speak heart to heart, pausing and listening more deeply, and being willing to help and take the time for our neighbors will revitalize our thought and bring healing to the world.

Have a blessed, peaceful, and happy New Year!


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Constant prayer

The Bible talks about “praying without ceasing” (1 Thes. 5:17), which can sometimes sound like an unattainable goal.

How does one pray all the time? Is it even possible?

I recently came across two statements in the Christian Science textbook, which helped me understand this better.

“The habitual struggle to be always good is unceasing prayer.” (Science and Health, p. 4)

“Consistent prayer is the desire to do right.” (Science and Health, p. 9)

So, when I desire to do the right thing and to be good, I am praying.

I wanted to ask a friend for a favor the other day. Then thought came to me: rather than just invite him over to help me on a project, I should invite him over for dinner, hang out with him and enjoy his company. We could get the project done at the same time, and I could take the time to appreciate getting to know him in a new way (he has helped my family on many occasions). Later, I realized that my desire to do the right thing in this situation, was actually a form of praying.

So whether we’re picking out a movie to watch on a Friday night or making plans with friends, our desire to do good in every situation is a form of praying.

That certainly makes the goal of “praying without ceasing” much more tangible to me!

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God fills the gaps

During my morning prayer, I was contemplating some future plans. I became increasingly aware that God was filling the gaps or space of my plan.  My human vision of things could only take me so far. Psalm 116 says, “the Lord has dealt bountifully with you”.  This tells me that love, peace, health, harmony and blessings are filling the parts that I can’t foresee.


Though human outlines or plans can be helpful, they are in and of themselves limited.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that God’s will for us is bounty? God has abundance, health, grace, companionship, and love planned for each of us. And this isn’t just a future plan that God has, but is actually His will that He is enforcing right now.


You know the London saying “mind the gap”; how about saying “God fills the gaps”? I like to make acronyms as a way to help me to see concepts more spiritually. I’ve been thinking about “G.A.P.” as “God’s Apparent Provision”.  What is an acronym that you came up with for “gap” or some other concept?


We can recognize God’s spiritual substance – His provision of health, happiness, freedom and abundance, filling all space so there really are no gaps!


So just remember while our human outlines and goals have all sorts of unforeseen circumstances, God is like the Rain-X (glass treatment) of our lives – He fills all the space in whatever human goal we may have. He foresees every need and circumstance; He gives us with relationships that mutually bless; His will is success and abundance for His creation; His love wraps up each individual and all.