Inspiration from the Beatitudes

I love studying the Sermon on the Mount (especially in The New Testament in Modern English by J.B. Phillips).  I find its wisdom and spirituality to be invaluable.  It is so practical! 

Here is inspiration that I get from reading the Beatitudes:

Don’t forget about God.  Always keep Him in your mind, motive and actions, and you will see and experience the Kingdom of Heaven here and now.

Happy are those who have been humbled before God, who have lost everything materially.  You have gained divine Love/Spirit and the understanding that He/She comforts, cares and provides all you need.

Be willing to “let go” of every material thing.  If you do so, you will always have everything you need and it can never be lost.

Happy are those who want to be governed with the right consciousness.  Those who desire to be and do good, and to be governed spiritually, will feel fully satisfied.

When you have a forgiving and humble spirit towards others, people will naturally be more accepting and forgiving of you.  No one is a perfect human.

Happy are those who are innocent, genuine and pure in motive and speech.  They will see God because they are God’s likeness.

Happy are those who don’t provoke or take offense.  They will promote a peaceful, happy atmosphere among themselves and others.

Facing resistance toward Spirit and progress?  Stand confident and firm in Spirit and in everyone’s inherent spiritual identity and you will see and experience the Kingdom of Heaven.

When walking in the path of Spirit, evil may try to tempt you in all different ways.  But don’t get upset or dismayed.  Good always prevails.  Jesus, his disciples and the prophets already proved the Good/Spirit is irresistible and ever-present.

I hope these ideas are practical and useful for you in living and walking in Spirit in your daily life.


Person versus Principle

Today I’ve been working (mentally) on seeing and knowing that there is only one Person!  In fact the limitation of any school of thought or religion comes from too great of a sense of person instead of Principle.  When we focus our thought on Principle, we are seeing what God is doing and knowing; we are seeing the Truth and a greater, expansive sense of Life.  Too great of a sense of person or personality separate our thought from the one God who is also the one Person.

There is one Mind, one Ego, or consciousness.  And everything is the manifestation of this one Mind.  Everything is in essence made up of God’s thoughts, God’s ideas, and what God sees and knows.

Does this mean that our being and existence is annihilated?  On the contrary, we are each the individual expression of the One Being.  God is the substance, nature, and essence of who we are.  We are essentially made up of spiritual qualities – love, joy, peace, harmony, creativity, spontaneity, life, vitality, energy, principle, honesty, integrity, and so on.  Each of us expresses Deity in a truly unique way – and this is our identity and individuality.  God’s creation or manifestation wouldn’t be complete with out each and everyone one of us.  Which is why we exist permanently and eternally in divine Mind.

That which is based on person instead of Principle is erroneous.  For instance to believe that Jesus as a person is our personal savior is limiting.  But to realize that his teachings are what saves us – what destroys evil and sin – is what enables us to “go and do likewise”[i] as he instructed.

“Jesus cried and said, He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me.”[ii] Here again, Jesus is pointing us to God; he was always trying to get us to look to God, follow God, and be obedient to God.  If we worship a person, other than the one Person or Principle, which is God, this is idolatry.  Jesus was teaching and revealing a Principle.  And when we look to that Principle we get the same results he did.

Stephen, Philip, and Paul all did the same.  They didn’t know Jesus personally, they weren’t taught by him personally, but that didn’t change the effect of his teachings because his teachings were based on a Principle.  They preached the “good news” and healed many that were sick or diseased.

Does Principle change?  Has it disappeared and gone away?  No.  Just as the principle of math doesn’t ever go anywhere, so divine Principle is still here, present, and applicable.  As we look to Principle, we see more of what God is doing, seeing, and knowing.  And anything that comes to our thought as another person other than God, the one Person, is false and stems from evil or what some call the “devil” which doesn’t have substance or reality.  These thoughts may come up like “she is bad” or “I feel sick” always presenting themselves as another ego.

Paul says, “For I through the law am dead to the law, that I might live unto God.

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me:”[iii]

Here Paul is denying this ego or being separate from God.  He is saying that it is the Christ – the spirit of God – that makes up his identity and individuality.  And therefore he is and can only be and do like God.

And the same is true for us.

[i] Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy p. 25

[ii] The Holy Bible – King James Version John 12:44

[iii] The Holy Bible – King James Version Galatians 2:19