Inspiration from the Beatitudes

I love studying the Sermon on the Mount (especially in The New Testament in Modern English by J.B. Phillips).  I find its wisdom and spirituality to be invaluable.  It is so practical! 

Here is inspiration that I get from reading the Beatitudes:

Don’t forget about God.  Always keep Him in your mind, motive and actions, and you will see and experience the Kingdom of Heaven here and now.

Happy are those who have been humbled before God, who have lost everything materially.  You have gained divine Love/Spirit and the understanding that He/She comforts, cares and provides all you need.

Be willing to “let go” of every material thing.  If you do so, you will always have everything you need and it can never be lost.

Happy are those who want to be governed with the right consciousness.  Those who desire to be and do good, and to be governed spiritually, will feel fully satisfied.

When you have a forgiving and humble spirit towards others, people will naturally be more accepting and forgiving of you.  No one is a perfect human.

Happy are those who are innocent, genuine and pure in motive and speech.  They will see God because they are God’s likeness.

Happy are those who don’t provoke or take offense.  They will promote a peaceful, happy atmosphere among themselves and others.

Facing resistance toward Spirit and progress?  Stand confident and firm in Spirit and in everyone’s inherent spiritual identity and you will see and experience the Kingdom of Heaven.

When walking in the path of Spirit, evil may try to tempt you in all different ways.  But don’t get upset or dismayed.  Good always prevails.  Jesus, his disciples and the prophets already proved the Good/Spirit is irresistible and ever-present.

I hope these ideas are practical and useful for you in living and walking in Spirit in your daily life.


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