A child’s recipe for prayer 

My darling 4-year old overheard me ask my husband for prayerful support. He wanted to jump in and offer his help, too. 

He said:

Pray to God and ask Him to take your fear away.

Read this book…(hands me a book about God)

Be quiet so Mommy can pray and listen to God (he tells my husband)

Is your fear gone now?

(Me: yes it’s going away) 

Now just express God so your fears won’t come back.

Thats what I do.

Keep your door shut. Does your door* keep out a lot of fears?

(Me: Yes)

Mine too. Mine keeps out lots of fears. 

Referring to being a porter at the “door of thought” (a reference by Mary Baker Eddy in her book Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures).

Pause & listen

A favorite poem says “Shepherd show me how to go…”. Recently, when trying to quiet the mind so I can fall asleep, I pray: Shepherd, show me how to listen.

Listening is an activity and requires quieting one’s own will and stilling the human mind to be receptive to the divine Mind communicating quiet, calm, confident, peaceful ideas.

These ideas lead up to their divine Source; they take us higher to behold spiritual views (mentally and spiritually) and feel refreshed by this communion with a Holy Presence.

The poem continues: I will listen for Thy voice lest my footsteps stray…

We can strive to maintain this conscious communion with God throughout the day. Even while you are in a conversation, you can listen for divine Mind to communicate the words and ideas for you to share. If you feel your mental, spiritual footsteps beginning to stray, take a timeout to center yourself and bring your focus back to Good.

This also demands spontaneity and flexibility. It’s pretty hard to move a boat with an anchor down. Being open to new ideas will assist you to feel Divine Presence moving you through the day as naturally as a river current moves above the rocks in its way.

(The words of the poem mentioned are by Mary Baker Eddy.)