Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a great holiday and enjoy giving gratitude!

Here are two inspiring blog posts about the healing effect that gratitude has.

It seems like a lot of people–including Oprah–think gratitude is healing. Is it really healing or does it just make you feel better?

…This experience helps to illustrate the two ways that I’ve come to think about gratitude. First, it can be a means for rising higher in thought so that I can commune with God and reach the summit of what God is seeing or knowing. Seeing things from God’s perspective is kind of like the view you see from the top of a mountain: The completeness and glory of the view are always there, but the fullness of that view becomes increasingly apparent the higher you go. Only at the summit do you get the full 360 degrees— where no part of the view is blocked….

Thanksgiving Grace

…Imagine the effect of the intention of sincere gratitude being expressed by millions of hearts in one day! I believe this effect can be healing, because whenever the heart is full of remembered blessings, how can there be room for hurt, resentment, anger, bitterness, fear? When those negative feelings are not remembered, well, they simply disappear. Healing is the lasting effect…the healing effect of grace….

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