Stress-free holidays

The holidays can be a busy time. On top of work, there are travel plans and gift giving. It can seem like the focus is on the to-do list and not on the message of the Christ — God’s unconditional love for all mankind.

So how do we put the spirit of the Christ back in Christmas with all the things that need to get done?

In a recent article I wrote published in The Monitor, I tell about a time when our family moved across country and had a lot to do upon arrival. I share how seeking “the kingdom of God first, and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33) became a helpful focus, giving me a greater sense of peace, and allowing things to fall into place naturally and harmoniously.

In another article that I appreciate on this topic, “Unselfishness: a recipe for time managment“, the author writes of his spiritual wake up call from feeling self-centered pride about finishing his to-do list to a greater desire to live spiritually: “Like a bolt of lightning, it became clear to me that I had just one task: to express unselfishness, to dedicate my entire day to blessing and serving others…”

I hope these ideas will help you and yours to express more of the Christ-spirit this holiday season. Wishing you a Christmas season filled with grace, poise, patience, gratitude, Christly-love and affection.

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Time management – improve moments!

The past couple weeks I’ve been thinking about time management.  I know there are numerous human methods and theories about this; however, I went for some spiritual ideas, that I know to be true and helpful, when I was confronted with this dilemma.

There was a day, recently, when I wondered how I could accomplish all the things that needed to get done. I listened in prayer for divine guidance.  Immediately, an article entitled Improve Your Time by Mary Baker Eddy came to thought.  The author, who discovered the system of healing, Christian Science, wrote:

“All successful individuals have become such by hard work; by improving moments before they pass into hours…They spend no time in sheer idleness, in talking when they have nothing to say, in building aircastles or floating off on the wings of sense…

Success in life depends upon persistent effort, upon the improvement of moments more than upon any other one thing. A great amount of time is consumed in talking nothing, doing nothing, and indecision as to what one should do. If one would be successful in the future, let him make the most of the present.”

I love this idea: that success is dependent on moments – on being consciously aware and focused every moment.

Instead of letting my long to-do list rehearse in my mind, I just focused on improving each moment.  This resulted in my being fully engaged in each activity I was doing and able to stay on task.  I finished the day with time leftover and could work on some other projects I like doing.

Using “improve your moments” as my mantra throughout my day has made me more productive, less lethargic and given me a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose.

I am so grateful for this simple practice – improving moments before they turn into hours – which makes such a difference in our lives and shapes our success.


“Emerge gently” in our spiritual journey


I have been cherishing an idea from the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures lately.


“Emerge gently from matter into Spirit.  Think not to thwart the spiritual ultimate of all things, but come naturally into Spirit through better health and morals and as the result of spiritual growth.” (p. 485)


To me this really illustrates and describes the journey I am partaking of.


In the past, I have tended to be a bit extreme.  I discover something new and I go for it all the way.  The same was when I re-discovered Christian Science.  I dove deeply into my study, spending several hours a day in prayer, meditation, and reading.  It strengthened me and changed my life.  But I realize I had more of a “destination” view of my spiritual journey and understanding.  The goal was to get there, to get somewhere.


What I cherish so much about the statement above is that we come into the spiritual sense of life naturally.   There can’t be any human will involved.  It is really a divine unfoldment each moment.  And our job is to be receptive, clear and willing to appreciate each spiritual opportunity throughout our day.  This might be in seeing someone’s spiritual identity in the face of conflicting or pushy personality; or seeing our true value and worth as a child or reflection of God; or knowing your and everyone’s God given exemption from a cold/flu, or any disease for that matter.


Any effort to attract does not come from God.  God is supplying us with all we need each moment.  When we try to attract something into our experience, we are thinking there is another source in addition to God.  But God is the only Source.  And because of this we can expect that we will have everything we need each moment, through our reflection of Him/Her.


God’s being is the only being and is full and complete.  God is the only doer and we reflect and express Him/Her.  The only one doing anything is God and therefore activity is perfect, good and right, and it blesses everyone.  We simply reflect the action of the divine.


Throughout our day we can feel inspired to begin an activity, to write someone or send a “thank you”, and we can also be guided in the right moment to stop or pause an activity.  Each moment of our day is orchestrated by the divine; we are part of the divine symphony, each component playing and holding at just the right moment.


We lose all sense of time when we think this way.  Time no longer outlines, defines or limits us.  God is conscious of being as a circle, not a linear timeline; of eternity and not mortal measurements.  We can live in eternity here and now.  Time doesn’t have to be anything more than a method in society to help us see order.  It does not have to govern or determine our lives.


Step out of time, and step into the eternal, infinite direction of divine Mind.  Soul/Life/Love is leading and guiding us each moment in absolute harmony and usefulness.


Happy New Year!