The Grace of God

birds-112083_640I’ve been cherishing the topic of the grace of God, lately, in my prayers.

Grace is a word used in Christian denominations and it is also a universal quality that belongs to everyone.

In addition to thinking about grace as the unrequited love of God, I also like to think about grace as humanity exercising, or expressing, divine Love.

Exercise involves activity. How about trying to exercise divine Love—or grace—with every thought: at work, in taking care of kids, running errands, etc?

This is no easy task. The self-justification, criticism, judgement and opinions of the carnal mind, or evil, slip in. Even when I consciously make it my objective to fill my consciousness with grace and have that motivate me for the whole day, these sneaky thoughts come in (as the Bible says, the serpent— a metaphor for evil— is sneaky and cunning).

We need to always be on guard and defend ourselves from these negative emotions and thinking, which would pull us down and try to spoil our good motives and thoughts for the day.

Grace is potent and valuable! It can elevate, heal and resolve any situation! No wonder evil would try to come in and take away those moments to feel graceful.

Thoughts and actions that are graceful also feed and replenish the body, giving you health, freedom and energy! They counteract sickness and fatigue.

Paul wrote encouragement to the new Christians in Rome: “…in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” (Rom 8:37 NIV)

Community prayer is so powerful! Let us all pray that we can preserve grace and express divine, unselfish, unconditional, beautiful love in all that we say and do (and think about one another).


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