A gratitude attitude & my grandparents

I find thinking of others and feeling grateful so healing.

I’ve been thinking of my grandparents recently. They are moving to a senior community tomorrow about a half hour away from their current home. My aunt has been so kind in finding a place for them, making the arrangements and taking care of the move.

I admire and am so grateful for the way my family looks out for one another. This move affects all of us particularly because “Grandma’s house” has been the place that our family has congregated since I was a child. Over the past several years, though, we have all seen how much upkeep a large house takes and that all of the “stuff” they have accumulated or saved for us isn’t really necessary for any of us. I’m grateful for the freedom they will find in their new apartment, and for the community and activity they will get to enjoy.

I’m trusting in God that there can’t be any loss from their move. For example, we have other relatives homes where we can all get together for the holidays. I know that God prepares a place and makes radiant room for each of us. God takes care of all the details. Trusting all the accommodations to God leaves my family in the prime position of witnessing God’s love and blessings for all of us, without stress or worry.

As I mentioned in the beginning, being grateful and thinking of others is healing. As I focus my thought more on my family, the world and other loved ones, I become more grateful – more aware of good. These thoughts naturally bless my home, family, body, and experience. These are just the wonderful side-effects – or spiritual law – of thinking of others and feeling grateful.

So, if you’re feeling down today, open your thought to gratitude. It is sure to brighten your day.

By the way, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day!

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