Lessons on humility

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, my husband and I are doing some landscaping. One thing that has been particularly challenging is the irrigation (sprinkler) system we have. It wasn’t installed very well so ever since we moved in to our house we have tried to remedy this.

The biggest challenge is that we know nothing about irrigation systems! We’ve had estimates from technicians to come out and fix it, but they are too expensive. So, while we were working on this system yesterday, I was growing increasingly frustrated and feeling helpless.

As I prayed about this, I realized the situation was frustrating because I didn’t have the knowledge or skill set to do something about it. In humility, I saw that God, the only source of knowledge and intelligence, is the Mind the governs each builder, landscaper and home owner with the guidance and understanding of what to do. The same Mind that guided each individual in installing an irrigation system, is the same Mind that is with me right now.

At that moment, our neighbor came over and asked if we needed some help. He is a builder and very knowledgeable in landscaping and irrigation. He built his house and has helped the previous owners of our house with many aspects of our home.

He was able to tell us what we needed to fix, the items we needed to get from Home Depot, and he loaned us his tools so we could fix it the next day.

I am overjoyed! We are now well-equipped with the knowledge and resources that we need, feeling confident, and even able to expand our irrigation system to a new area where it is needed.

Humbly acknowledging God, the divine Mind, as the source of all ideas provides solutions for all our needs. These ideas may come directly to your consciousness, through a neighbor (like in our case), or in some other creative outlet. They always come when we let God lead us, and when we are humble, listening, and ready to receive them.

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