Everyone is special

My family has a tradition of celebrating Special Days. It started with my husband and I because we like to buy each other little gifts. We also don’t like the silly focus on how old someone is that comes along with birthdays. So we celebrate Special Days several times a year. It’s a surprise because your Special Day falls on whichever day the family has decided to honor how special you are.

I love how it reminds me to show my appreciation for my family members frequently. And isn’t that the best part about birthdays — to honor someone’s unique, God-given identity?

I don’t think God knows about our age or personality or what color hair we have. I think God has a completely different view because God isn’t like man, God is a Spirit. The one and only Spirit. Infinite Life. Everlasting Love.

It’s nice to know that there is One out there who is seeing us as we really are — spiritual, unique, and free; Her adoring image & likeness; The reflection, the mirrored image, of the Perfect One.

I hope to see everyone around me the way God sees us today: made of beautiful, shining qualities radiating & shining out to warm & bless everything around you.

2 thoughts on “Everyone is special

  1. Thank you, Lindsey, for sharing your family’s tradition of recognizing everyone is special and how important it is to show appreciation by honoring each one’s “unique, God-given identity”.

    For the first few years of our children’s life (in the human sense), I made very special cakes in the shape of animals on their birthday. We recorded the event with singing the traditional “Happy Birthday” song and taking photos. Now, when I view the photos, they provide warm reflective memories. Then, that “tradition” fell by the wayside. I don’t recall what was done, if anything, in between that time and the time my husband and I took “Primary Class in C.S.”. However, once we took class and became more aware of MBE’s statement regarding “recording ages” we followed it LITERALLY! No more celebration for birthdays for children or adults in our immediate family. I believe I even carried it to the extent of not sending birthday greetings to our other relatives such as parents and siblings — which is something I had done for years following our move to places not within any close proximity of any of our relatives.

    Recently, a C.S. friend mentioned the fact that her relatives recognized her on her birthday and she was trying to put that tradition in proper perspective and decided just because her family members recognized her birthday did not mean “age” had to be recognized or be a focus. It got me to thinking about the “birthday tradition”. I decided to begin a practice of calling our children on their “birthday” and just having a pleasant conversation with a mention of it being their special day, without thought or mention of age. As one might guess, I was greeted with surprise at hearing from their mom on this particular day. It has been a couple years since this began and I am grateful for the “special day” connections. Recently, it was my “special day” and I felt so blessed to be appreciated by my siblings and children. Telephone connections were made beginning at 5:30 in the morning with the last one being received at 10:00 in the evening. Only one sibling made mention of age and we laughed about it as I said, “Who wants to talk about that”?!!

    Having someone/everyone feel warm and blessed for their uniqueness is something for which to aim as I continue letting this thought of a “special day” unfold :o)
    So grateful for your sharing of your spiritual insight regarding a “special day” tradition and the FACT that everyone is truly special!!!


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