Water into wine…

In the Bible we read about Jesus attending a wedding reception and turning the water into wine after the wine had run out.

I think of this Bible story as a symbol for how the Christ – the divine message from God – can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary in any situation throughout our day.

I’ve enjoyed praying with a poem, which reads in part:

Walking into a church
should be like walking into a manger, —
a place so shorn of self-righteousness,
so free of all reproach,
that the hungering heart will feel no
shame, no awkward fear,
no insecurity.

Sitting in a church
should be like sitting in a field of sunlight—
comfortable and warm…

And it closes with:

Oh, yes—I know how I expect my
church to feel ….
Dear Father-Mother, teach me
now the way to make it real.

We may feel this way about a number things of life.

For example, I know how I want this relationship to feel — teach me how to make it real; I know the way I want my career to feel — teach me how to make it real.

What makes this ideal model in thought a reality? I find that it is divine Love, which can be felt through humility, unselfishness, and being ready and willing to listen and follow the inspiration of this Love.

The wonderful thing about this spiritual animus – the activity of divine Love – is that it is always present in our consciousness; It lifts us up and points the way toward Spirit and away from materiality. It is an attraction, a law, a buoy; It saves us, so to speak.

It is present in every relationship, every encounter, every job assignment to turn the “water into wine” in our experience — to take us from feeling ordinary to feeling touched and blessed by Love, which feels extraordinary.

Perhaps this love is a gift you can give to someone today; or perhaps it is a gift you have received. Either way, the activity of divine Love is always here, and the opportunity to recognize it and utilize it shows we live at one with divine Spirit and Love, which is extraordinary.

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