Waking up from a dream

A few nights ago I had a nightmare. In the dream there was an image rushing towards me. I felt afraid, so, in my dream, I prayed. I closed my eyes and prayed “God is all”. Even in my dream, I felt and expected God would answer my prayers.  

The next moment, I felt a wet nose on my arm. My dog (in the picture) was waking me up. When I was awake, she went and lay down again.  My dog has never done anything like this before. And I knew it was really divine Love waking me up. Divine Love (another name for God) is with us where ever we are, whatever state of consciousness we are in. He/She is always able to reach us. We are never separated from this Love.  

The Bible talks about the Comforter that will be with us forever. My spiritual understanding of this ever-present, always available divine Love gives me comfort. Another translation of this Greek term in the New Testament is companion. Knowing there is a Science, God’s divine laws, that we can rely on and are there for us in any situation that comes to us is so comforting. And it’s like having a companion. This Science is with us everywhere. It’s like having an advocate – something always there to defend you.

A financial struggle or a physical ailment can often seem like a bad dream. How do we wake up? God’s love is there to wake us up. When we are praying about a situation, we know that God’s love is just like that wet nose waking us up from the dream that we are suffering. Waking up is the activity of God assuring us: “I love you”, “I’m always with you”, “I created you spiritually – perfect, whole and complete”, “We have never been separated”. How reassuring are these messages of Love! And this is the Good News that’s available to wake up to.


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