How do we find missing items?

Have you ever had something go missing?  I’m sure you have; we all have!

Recently I misplaced two essential items, and after searching in all the usual spots, I couldn’t find them.

What to do next?

Well the tendency would be to take human action to deactivate the lost items and move forward in replacing them.

However, I decided to apply the spiritual, metaphysical truths that I know from my study of Christian Science to find a solution.

The first instance was my passport.  I needed to have it renewed for summer trip.

There are a few places that I usually store my passport and I searched them.  All along I’m thinking “Why isn’t it in the folder I made for it? Where did I put it?”  I tore apart the garage, luggage and files in boxes.

It did not turn up.  I kept thinking, “I don’t know where it is.  I can’t find it.”  Well, from my study of spiritual metaphysics I know that statement isn’t exactly true, or helpful in finding something, and I caught myself.

I know that Mind is intelligent, sees all and knows all.  Mind is another name for God.  So, I began to think (or meditate or pray) about these things:  I reasoned that Mind knew where my passport was; and because we (man) are one with Mind, I could know where it was too.  I stopped searching (very important in trying to find “lost” items) and simply went about my business thinking about these concepts.  I sat down and an image came to mind of an envelope.  I recognized this envelope as one I had taken to the DMV a few weeks prior with all my important documentation in it including my passport.  And another image came to thought, and I knew the envelope was in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet.

I went to the filing cabinet and there it was.  I might add there were other important items in the envelope too – my marriage certificate and a bill – which I needed for upcoming tasks, so it was an even bigger blessing than I thought it was.

I was planning on writing a blog about this.  And then this I morning my husband pointed out that we hadn’t seen my set of house/car keys for a while.  We were heading out for the day to an activity which would be handy to have an extra set of keys for.  I thought about recent bags I had carried and coats I had worn and knew they weren’t there.

As we were getting into the car, I remembered sometimes putting them on the workbench in the garage.  I checked and they weren’t there.  But as I was moving some winter snow pants I heard a jingle in the pocket.  I looked inside and there they were!

Here I only had a minute or two to find them before we left, and there they were, just as I was getting into the car. I was very surprised and thankful!

I’m so grateful for the solutions in each of these circumstances and to have glimpsed a bit more of infinitely intelligent divine Mind, which we are all one with.

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