What is my purpose?


What is my purpose?  Why I am here?


I think we have all had these questions.  And I know that satisfying answers can be found spiritually.


I am here to glorify God.  A friend shared with me an old Hebrew definition of the word “glory” – The reality of God’s presence coming to light.

Each of us represents the divine in a unique way.  We have spiritual qualities, talents and skills that are manifested individually.  No two snowflakes are the same and no two people are the same either.  Just like numbers.  Each one is valuable and needed.


Some might be good at math or science, business or the arts.  Some are analytical while others are more conceptual.  Each one of us is shining forth unique skills and talents of God.  And just as God isn’t limited, so we aren’t limited.


Though we might have a set of skills that we incline towards, we are also able to listen to and understand one another; appreciate another’s perspective or hardship; have the ability to live in another’s shoes, even if just for a moment.  This signifies another set of qualities: patience, compassion, humility, and love.  We all have the ability and capacity to express them.


Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is really the essential guide for living.  It includes such important lessons as – go two miles with whoever asks, not just one; love everyone and not just your friends; expand your sense of love and life; expand who you allow into your circle; pray humbly and meekly; be sincere.


These are important life lessons.  They change the question ‘what do I do?’ to ‘how should I do it?’  ‘How should I think, live, laugh, and love?’  Freely, joyfully, and fully without reservation or hesitation.


All we have to do today is express God.  In fact, we can cross off anything else on our to-do list. Or, at least, write next to it ‘how will I do this?’


Our job is to be.  It’s a beautiful and lovely job, and is so spiritual.


Enjoy being you today.  Share your unique qualities, ideas, and experiences.