Pets and healing!

I’m so grateful that Christian Science is applicable to many aspects of life.

My husband and I love animals and have cats and dogs.

One evening, we fed our cats dinner but they wouldn’t eat!  It was very strange.  They sniffed the food, pawed at it and turned away.

Well, my husband and I have the habit of turning first to prayer (by this I mean a spiritual and metaphysical way of thinking about things).

I was getting ready to go out for the evening so I asked my husband if he would pray about the issue.

He went into his office to do so and I felt a sense of peace and hope that there would be an answer.  I’ve been taught to expect results and healing from our prayer and that praying is practical!

When we returned home later that evening we tried to feed them again.  This time one of the cats ate – he had returned to normal – but the other had the same mysterious behavior.

This time I knew it was my turn to pray.  I considered this kitty one of my dear friends so it was wonderful to turn to God in humble, heartfelt prayer to strive to see what God knows about His creation.  I knew God made his creation spiritually and free from defect (from Genesis 1 in the Bible).  God’s spiritual creation is always harmonious, healthy and good because it is made in His image and likeness.

I went to sleep feeling peaceful from these spiritual insights.

The next morning the cat was eating again.  Over the next couple days everything continued to return to normal, and there has been no recurrence of that problem.

I’m so grateful for this healing.  And it’s totally natural – everyone can experience these same healing results!

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