Gratitude & Thanksgiving – Why I Love Christian Science


Even as I write the title of this blog, my heart fills with warmth and love.  I am so grateful for Christian Science, and the understanding of God that it unlocks.   And, lately, as I have been learning more about spiritual creation, I have been moved to reminisce of my family and growing up with Christian Science.


My childhood wasn’t humanly perfect, – growing up with a single mom, living in a condo, being the youngest of two.  But as I look back, I remember a sense of love.  The memory of my childhood is wrapped up in an aura of divine Love.  We were taught that God loves us, and that “divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 494) I felt that God takes care of every aspect of us being human, and we are His beloved children.  And I also knew there wasn’t a need to worry or fear; I couldn’t be deprived of anything that was good.


My family and I had lots of physical healings through prayer (with the help of a Christian Science practitioner, – an individual who supports you in prayer), such as colds, chicken pox, bloody noses, cuts and scrapes, sports injuries, nausea, warts, etc.


We learned how to pray in Sunday School, to align our thought with God.  We were taught that God is Mind, and always gives us every “angel” idea that we need to make us feel better or to direct and guide us.  We were told that God created us spiritually, in His image and likeness (Gen 1:26), therefore we are his spiritual, perfect creation (S&H, p. 468). I grew up being told that I was God’s perfect child (even if I didn’t always act that way 🙂 ).


Even in my teen years, when I decided to live a more material lifestyle, and got myself into all kinds of things, I always knew there was a better way.  I could love Him and live as God’s child if I wanted to.  Well eventually I did want to.  Life with God in it makes me more happy, secure and confident.  And it’s been a joy to “re-discover” Christian Science, and what it tells me about God and my relationship to Him, in my adult years.  It makes me feel like a kid again, – like the perfect child of God that I am and always will be, just as I was taught in childhood.


Now it’s wonderful to share the nature of God, as explained through Christian Science, with others.  Christian Science has given me a fuller life, a greater understanding of God and everyone’s relationship with Him, and has made me a more loving, selfless and giving person.  I’m so grateful for every opportunity to learn more about spiritual existence each day.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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