Lindsey was raised by a family who appreciated the practical truths found in the Bible and how they could be practiced in our everyday lives. She learned early on that God loves all of us and meets all of our needs, and we are the image and likeness of a God who is divine Love, Father, and Mother.

These truths were practical in meeting health, financial and family problems in her household. She grew up with a single mom and an older sister in a multicultural area north of Chicago.

When Lindsey was in high school and college, she became interested in exploring other cultures, philosophies, and ways of living. Her interests led her to New Zealand and Australia, where she lived, traveled and studied for 4 years. She enjoyed her time living with families and friends while traveling and studied at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where she graduated with a BA in photography in 2004.


During this time she also had the opportunity to travel to Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Switzerland and France.

Lindsey returned to Chicago in 2005 and worked at a photography studio, Saverio Truglia Photography, as a Studio Manager and worked as a freelance photographer. You can enjoy some of her photography on this website.

During this time, exploring spirituality piqued her interest. She began studying the Scriptures and the writings of Christian healer and teacher, Mary Baker Eddy. She experienced a healing of drug and alcohol use through an inspiring reading of the Gospels that was life changing, along with other physical healings. It changed the way she viewed herself and her purpose in the world.

In 2006, Lindsey applied to take a course in Christian Science healing to gain a better understanding of how Christ heals. This 12-day intensive course covered many topics including God, humanity, Christ Jesus, healing, salvation and more. It also gives practical instruction for how to give effective Christian Science treatment for those seeking healing.

After taking this course, her first opportunity to apply what she learned came just a week later. Her friend had come over to her house because they had plans to go out that evening. But he had a headache and was feeling unwell. Lindsey asked if she could pray for him and he said yes. She was very eager to apply what she had learned through this course. In just a few minutes he was completely well and they were both grateful for this experience of healing.

Lindsey wanted to connect with other young adults who were interested in spirituality. In 2007 she attended a young adult conference in California for “spiritual activists” who were interested in bringing about change in the world through healing and church. This conference made a big impact on Lindsey. She was so enthusiastic about what she learned that she spearheaded planning a conference with the help of her church in Chicago. In October 2017, 240 youth and young adults attended this conference for spiritual refreshment, connection with peers and to gain an understanding on how they could use their spiritual talents to meet the needs of the world. A second conference was planned the following year.

me and john by roadLindsey was thrilled to meet and marry her husband, John Biggs, C.S., in 2009. They both became practitioners of Christian Science healing that same year. The newlyweds moved to Central Oregon — to the town of Bend — to start their new life together. They loved the scenery, snowboarding, mountain climbing, church life and social groups they found there. They welcomed their beautiful and healthy son, Wyatt, into the world in 2013.

Lindsey and her family relocated to the St. Louis area in 2015. She completed graduate level courses at Eden Theological Seminary in 2018. Lindsey currently volunteers at the Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis, works as a practitioner of Christian Science healing, supports the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, as through social media and photography, and volunteers in her local branch Church of Christ, Scientist.

She enjoys hiking in the woods, community building, board games with friends, spending quality time with family, and cuddling with their cat and dog.

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