Photo bio

My photography journey began in high school where I created a portfolio my senior year that enabled me to attend California College of the Arts in the San Francisco Bay area. Attending this college taught me the fine art side of photography, enabled me to think outside the box and photograph a wide variety of subjects.  

After gaining these skills,  I decided that I wanted more practical skills in photography that could be translated to a business. I went to New Zealand for an internship program where I assisted local photographer, Chris Parker, on photo shoots ranging from aerial photography for real estate companies to product shots for catalogs.

I transferred to Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and enrolled in a photography program that focused on commercial photography skills such as shooting for layouts, working with art directors, and technical studio flash lighting skills.

Upon graduation, I was employed as a Studio Manager at Saverio Truglia Photography in Chicago, Illinois, where I learned the ins and outs of running a photography studio, producing photo shoots for advertising agencies and magazines (including Rolling Stone and Time Out Chicago), assisted on photo shoots, and handled the digital processing and retouching of images.  

During this time, I developed a client base for my own freelance photography business photographing architecture, products and portraits in the studio. I hope you will enjoy the collection of my photos.