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Gender equality

“Let the ‘male and female’ of God’s creating appear.” ­(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Eddy, p. 249)

What does this mean to you?

To me, it points to spiritual manhood and womanhood, which is included in who we each are.

Although, we might see each other as limited, mortal genders, we are spiritually created in the image and likeness of God and are already whole and complete including both the masculine and feminine within our being.

For instance, the balance of my spiritual masculine and feminine qualities makes me strong, intelligent, independent, nurturing, supportive and caring. They are in perfect balance and equality, not competing with one another.

Sometimes we see one gender as dominating over another. But right there we can recognize that each individual includes spiritual womanhood and manhood. Because the “male and female” of God’s creating are spiritual, they have to be seen in everyone.

When watching a burly guy walk down the street, I love to acknowledge, despite the rough exterior, that he includes gentleness, peace and spiritual intuition.

When we recognize our completeness, it frees us from sensuality, lust and a false desire to dominate one another.

It can require humility to see that one gender is not superior over another and that we are all in fact equal. But I know that as we do this our relationships will become more kind, trustful and spiritual.

For instance, how can a woman walking down the street fear a man when she sees his spiritual womanhood as well as manhood? How can he be attracted to her in a malicious way when he sees her as complete – capable, strong and beautiful – acknowledging both her spiritual masculinity and femininity?

“Let” means to allow or permit. So allow the spiritual manhood and womanhood that God created in to your consciousness. It will completely expand your view, enrich our divine family, and foster safer communities with more opportunities. Misconceptions about who we are get cleared up. And we will no longer be limited by harmful stereotypes.

“Let us … give up imperfect models and illusive ideals; and so let us have one God, one Mind, and that one perfect, producing His own models of excellence. Let the ‘male and female’ of God’s creating appear.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Eddy, p. 249)


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“Disease, she affirmed, is mental, cultivated in the patient’s own thought. Therefore, to have a lasting cure involves changing thought to a different basis…For Eddy, the basis for all healing was spiritual, not material. She proved that prayer-based treatment begins by aligning the patient’s thinking about themselves in a wholly spiritual way, seeing themselves as the Divine sees them: as spiritual beings who think intelligently, choose wisely, function harmoniously – which guides their daily life in practical, positive ways. Typically, this spiritual approach led to changes in behaviors of overeating, addictions, negative and stressful choices. And this prayer-based thinking, this divine Mind-based meditation, led to healing of the physical ailments.”

If this sounds interesting to you, you may enjoy reading more of this blogger’s post.

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Living Love

“True prayer is not asking God for love; it is learning to love, and to include all mankind in one affection. Prayer is the utilization of the love wherewith He loves us.”

– Mary Baker Eddy

I listened to an inspiring podcast today about learning to love and utilizing the love that God has given us.  Even the fact that this Q&A chat was taking place was heartwarming to me. Sincere questions were asked and responses were given about the general question “how can we love more?”

In the face of disease, limitation, violence and fear, love is the great healer of all. The New Testament refers to this “love” in Greek as agape love. Agape love is the unconditional, divine love with which God loves us.

Does this mean that God sees us a frail, limited humans with many faults, but loves and pities us anyway? I don’t think so. I feel that God sees us as His image and likeness, totally spiritual, living completely above and beyond the frailty of matter. God sees our true, spiritual identity before any human history, limitation, or mistakes have been assigned to us.

And the more we align our view with God’s, through humility and quiet confidence, we can see ourselves as innocent; as unfallen; as the pure, spiritual creation of an all-loving, infinite, creative Deity.

It is actually our original spirituality – you could say our spiritual perfection – that enables us to love – to express the tender, heartfelt compassion of God – towards others. This love is powerful and healing because it is the “utilization of the love wherewith He loves us.”

So, if you are feeling down today or a friend is sick or any other circumstance is going on, consider expressing and feeling the love of God surrounding you, embracing you, healing you – and your friends, neighbors and family.