How do we find missing items?

Have you ever had something go missing?  I’m sure you have; we all have!

Recently I misplaced two essential items, and after searching in all the usual spots, I couldn’t find them.

What to do next?

Well the tendency would be to take human action to deactivate the lost items and move forward in replacing them.

However, I decided to apply the spiritual, metaphysical truths that I know from my study of Christian Science to find a solution.

The first instance was my passport.  I needed to have it renewed for summer trip.

There are a few places that I usually store my passport and I searched them.  All along I’m thinking “Why isn’t it in the folder I made for it? Where did I put it?”  I tore apart the garage, luggage and files in boxes.

It did not turn up.  I kept thinking, “I don’t know where it is.  I can’t find it.”  Well, from my study of spiritual metaphysics I know that statement isn’t exactly true, or helpful in finding something, and I caught myself.

I know that Mind is intelligent, sees all and knows all.  Mind is another name for God.  So, I began to think (or meditate or pray) about these things:  I reasoned that Mind knew where my passport was; and because we (man) are one with Mind, I could know where it was too.  I stopped searching (very important in trying to find “lost” items) and simply went about my business thinking about these concepts.  I sat down and an image came to mind of an envelope.  I recognized this envelope as one I had taken to the DMV a few weeks prior with all my important documentation in it including my passport.  And another image came to thought, and I knew the envelope was in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet.

I went to the filing cabinet and there it was.  I might add there were other important items in the envelope too – my marriage certificate and a bill – which I needed for upcoming tasks, so it was an even bigger blessing than I thought it was.

I was planning on writing a blog about this.  And then this I morning my husband pointed out that we hadn’t seen my set of house/car keys for a while.  We were heading out for the day to an activity which would be handy to have an extra set of keys for.  I thought about recent bags I had carried and coats I had worn and knew they weren’t there.

As we were getting into the car, I remembered sometimes putting them on the workbench in the garage.  I checked and they weren’t there.  But as I was moving some winter snow pants I heard a jingle in the pocket.  I looked inside and there they were!

Here I only had a minute or two to find them before we left, and there they were, just as I was getting into the car. I was very surprised and thankful!

I’m so grateful for the solutions in each of these circumstances and to have glimpsed a bit more of infinitely intelligent divine Mind, which we are all one with.

Overcoming shyness

I’ve never really been a shy person; I was even called a “social butterfly” in elementary school.  And many people today would be surprised to find that I dealt with shyness.

There came a time when I felt incredibly shy.  I didn’t enjoy it much because I didn’t feel like myself.  So I decided to seek a spiritual solution to this problem as I do with many challenges.

I talked with a Christian Science Practitioner who told me she had dealt with shyness herself.  And through the help of her mother and prayer she was healed of this problem.

This was encouraging.  She shared the idea that shyness is really a type of selfishness because you are thinking about yourself instead of the other person.  She suggested that I try to love everyone around me.

Well I instantly felt a lot better, feeling confident that there was a spiritual solution, and that it was something as enjoyable as loving more.

Over the years I worked on this.  I found cherishing each person’s spiritual identity, and striving to listen to them, to what they’re saying and also to what they are not saying (to what their heart was calling out for) to be a blessing.

When I loved the person I was talking to, the way God feels about them, I was able to listen, be more sensitive, and really enjoy each friendship.

In fact, striving to listen a lot more throughout my day, even when there is only silence around me, enables me to hear God’s voice which tells me who I might bless and leads activities throughout my day.

A teaching of Christian Science is that God is Mind (which Paul refers to in the New Testament).  And because God is all and is good, He or She must be the only real Mind.  This Mind is always clear, uplifted, meek, patient, kind and compassionate.   When I realize that this is the true Mind, then all the other mental “noise” quiets down, and I can listen clearly.

There are still situations that I find uncomfortable, as most humans do.  But sometimes it’s because someone else might be feeling uncomfortable, hostile or unloved.  Being aware of this helps me support each individual in feeling safe, secure, and loved.

It’s a joy to have positive interactions with people and has been such a blessing to me as well as to others.

I’m grateful that there are harmonious solutions to situations like these.  And it can be as simple as opening up to a greater awareness of Divinity and Her spiritual image and likeness – man and woman.

Life is eternal – how do we live and understand this now?

In Science and Health, the author Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Life is eternal. We should find this out and begin the demonstration thereof. Life and goodness are immortal.” (p. 246)

Mary Baker Eddy was a spiritual metaphysician who taught and healed others through her system Christian Science.  She explains this Science and how to heal in her main book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. 

The question I ask myself today is how do I begin the demonstration of “Life eternal”?

Considering that life is eternal – never dying or declining – has brought healing to me now.  It has destroyed a fear of degradation and a decrease in activity and life.

There are many amazing stories of men and women who have peaked mountains, run marathons and other activities in their 80’s and 90’s.

The Monitor had an issue last year on “Centenarians” and all they were actively doing today and the mentality they attributed to their longevity.

It really proved, to me, to be a mental state that kept them healthy and active, fulfilled and satisfied in their “old age”.  They didn’t accept the symptoms or label of “old age” as having power to control their experience.

Here is how the American baseball player, Satchel Paige, responded when people asked how he continued to successfully play when supposedly past his athletic prime: “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

The point is it’s never too soon to expect unchanging good – to expect to experience longevity and all faculties of the mind in perfect working order.

And it’s never to late to get up, rise up in consciousness and activity to embrace infinite good.  All the good, vitality and energy you need are present right here, right now.

There are many people proving this is true and if it’s true for one, it’s true for all!

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