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Clarity heals depression

Several years ago, I felt depressed and alone. I didn’t want my boyfriend at the time to leave my side (which of course added strain to the relationship). But one night when he had other plans, I was left alone wallowing in this deep depression.

I sat in bed crying and crying. I couldn’t go to sleep or do anything else, it seemed. I reached out in prayer (I had just been learning how to pray, although this was going to be a simple and desperate prayer).

“God, help me”.

The next moment I heard these words “you don’t have to be tempted by this.”

Well, in that instant, a light went on in consciousness. I was completely healed. I rolled over and went to sleep.

What I learned in that moment was this: thoughts of negativity (sadness, hatred, depression, etc) are unsolicited thoughts. They exist outside of us and are never within us. We can defeat them by simply recognizing who we are as the spiritual, beloved children of God.

Even though these negative thoughts seem to be prevalent, they have no actual power or life because they don’t originate in God, good (the only, true power). Through God’s help you can defeat them, like I was able to do in that moment of clarity.

Do you have an experience of spiritual, mental clarity that is meaningful to you that you’d like to share?

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The transforming power of Christ

I’m reading this book about Jesus’ disciples (it’s written as a personal story from the perspective of each disciple).  I am moved by the transforming spirit of the Christ to completely change the lives of these 12 men, plus many others that were around them.

They were willing to drop everything (even change their names in a couple of instances) and adapt this whole new way of life. It reminded me of my personal story of being transformed by Christ. After spending several years looking for happiness & satisfaction through material means (partying, drugs & unproductive relationships), I finally glimpsed the Christ through a trying experience. I was struggling & searching for healing, so I decided to read the four Gospels. I found a translation that made sense to me, and I became so engrossed with it, I couldn’t put it down.

Jesus lived a fearless life and I so wanted to live that way, too. The message of Christian Science taught me that all the “works” that he did and what he taught can be applied and lived today. God’s transforming, healing power can save us in any situation.

Well, I dove in to this message, took up the study and practice of following Christ (through Christian Science), and I haven’t looked back!

Isn’t it interesting that this healing power, which has existed for thousands of years (well, for eternity actually) is still as powerful, beautiful and transforming today? There is nothing in the world that can give you that kind of guarantee! I am still in awe of the permanent transforming power of Christ.

Do you have a transforming experience you’d like to share?

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Mental inbox

Today I took some time to clean out my inbox. I don’t know how I end up subscribed to so many emails; I usually just ignore them (which is easy to do with the new Google filters) and once in a while I’ll delete them all.

However, today I took the time to unsubscribe from the many lists. Wow, did that feel good! Imagine: having an inbox where you hear only what you want to hear. It’s so tranquil and peaceful.

That is the mental atmosphere, or consciousness, I want to live in as well. It is peaceful and still, and all I can hear is God speaking to me.

This is possible!

Unsubscribe from all the voices you don’t need to hear: self-criticism, condemnation, worry, human will and opinions, etc.

Enjoy a mental inbox that is peaceful and tranquil. Only receive messages of love, value, your worth, purity, innocence and beauty as a child of God. You have an indestructible relationship to your Father-Mother God. And She is speaking messages of comfort and healing to you each moment.


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